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About Us

Delhi Story Utsav 2014 at Teen Murti Bahwan Delhi

Story Ghar is an independent organization that supports primary education and community work through storytelling and other innovative methods. We have been working in the area of teacher training, skill development and promotion of storytelling as an art form since early 2012.


Story Ghar uses the method of storytelling for educating children on variety of subjects like environment conservation, gender sensitivity, teamwork, cultural values, heritage etc. Our especially designed modules help participants hone language skills, develop creative thinking improve expression, build social & life skills and gain confidence.


We offer integrated learning through storytelling sessions, skill development workshops, festivals, teacher training programs and corporate workshops.

Story Ghar considers itself as the pioneer organization focused on bringing out the benefits of storytelling and its integration with our education system. With its extended arm called ‘Cheshta Care Foundation,’ we endeavor to infuse new ideas and thoughts in education and community mobilization. We have conducted several symposiums, talks, and story fests as a part of our thought leadership initiative. 

The Founder : 

Dr. Jaishree Sethi 

Here is a short story about a media professional who one fine day decided to quit her corporate job and pick up something unconventional, creative and more satisfying. She met some characters, saw a few signs and read hidden messages. Her heart jumped over the idea of setting up an educational venture where learning was not forced and monotonous. Sixteen years of experience in Theatre, Radio and Television gave her the strength and helped her master the craft of storytelling.  This peerless experience is the force behind the zeal and passion with which she started to tread the road whose destination was “Story Ghar.”

Dr. Jaishree Sethi is a well-known storyteller and teacher trainer based in Delhi, India. Innovative and creative, with more than 20 years of experience, Jaishree is a passionate media professional turned educator. With extensive experience in Radio, Television and Theatre, she ventured into the world of stories by setting up Story Ghar in 2012. Her keen interest in the pedagogical relevance of storytelling led her to acquire a PhD in Education. In her pursuit to help teachers polish their art of storytelling, she published, ‘Teachers as Storytellers- a hand book for primary teachers’. Presently she is empaneled with Doordarshan as a TV Host, as well as with leading government educational organizations as a trainer. She heads Story Ghar and Cheshta Care Foundation.

Latest Events:

Live Storytelling- Every Tuesday at 5:30 pm on Grehlakshmi FB Page

Hindi Ke -e Paathshala- Primary Classes- Weekdays

Communicative English- Age Group-7-12 Years- Weekdays

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