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Hindi Ki e Paathshala

A program for kids that runs through the academic year. It focuses on the curriculum of primary classes (I-V). The methodology helps children develop fluency, reading habits and better written expression as incidental takeaways.

Communicative English

A specially designed program to help participants speak fluent English. It works towards Improving comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening skills and spoken English. It also aims to develop reading habits. Participants develop confidence and improve their communication skills.

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Live Storytelling

Join the live storytelling session every Tuesday at 5:30 pm on

Grehlakshmi | Facebook

Story Ghar | Facebook

The program is aimed at imparting creative writing skills to students. The Idea is to motivate and encourage students to move towards high order thinking skills like imaginative thinking, articulation and succinct expression. It also aims to develop an understanding in students on how to apply creative writing skills to their academics.


Creative Writing

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