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Story Ghar : A learning through stories program forms a natural extension to schools curriculum. These sessions focus on the development of language, personality and social skills.

Teacher Training (Online)

In the times of Corona , Story Ghar trained teachers online

Talk : Storytelling in Primary Classes  at New Delhi World Book Fair 2020

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Teachers to be….at Jamia Millia Islamia | December,2019

jamia budding teachers

Preparing children for stage, Gurgaon| November,2019

Made Easy

Teacher Training at Tripura| September,2019

Training teachers Tripura

Talk 2019| Storytelling and Radio: A Tool  for Social Change| Amaltas, India Habitat Centre, Delhi |2nd April,2019


Symposium 2019| Relevance of Storytelling in the Age of Digital Media|13th January,2019 New Delhi World Book Fair

symposium 2019

Symposium 2018 | Storytelling : A Step Towards Inclusion | 14th January,2018 New Delhi World Book Fair


Story Ghar organised Symposium 2017: ‘Role of Storytelling in Education’ on 15th January, 2017 at New Delhi World Book Fair. The symposium was the part of series started in 2014 where the strengths, pedagogical relevance and appreciation of stories as educational resources was explored and discussed . This year teachers and parents got together to discuss:

  • How to use storytelling as an intervention in classrooms
  • How stories can be integrated in to school curriculum
  • How teachers can be trained and empowered

The panel had three eminent personalities from the field of education and storytelling, namely Diyasree Chattopadhyay Dev,Managing Editor , Madhubun Educational Books, Dr.Vishesh Gupta, Principal, M.H.P.G College, Moradabad and Jaishree Sethi, Creative Director of Story Ghar.

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Role of Storytelling in Development of Child: a Symposium| World Book Fair (January, 2016)

Story Ghar with National Book Trust, India,  organized a symposium  titled “ Role of Storytelling in Development of Child” at  New Delhi World Book Fair on 16th January 2016. The panel consisted 4 distinguished speakers from the field of education: Ms. Sunisha  Ahuja, Consultant, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Mr. M.R. Mahapatra, Editor, NCCL, National Book Trust India, Ms.Usha Sharma, Associate Prof. NCERT and Jaishree  Sethi, Creative Director, Story Ghar. The invigorating discussion motivated audience to ask many questions around the curiosity that stories arise and lessons that story books publish. The symposium concluded with the thought that storytelling has a natural charm that ignites imagination and interest in reading. Stories also help in the cognitive development of child provided stories are age specific and appropriate to the immediate environment of a child.


Toonpur ka Bansuriwala – Annual Function| Kidz Kingdom, Faridabad (19th December, 2015)

Story Ghar conceptualized, scripted, designed and directed the annual function of Kids Kingdom School, Faridabad. We devised a play called Toonpur ka Bansure wala that featured around 130 children aged between 2.5-4.5 years. The play used the language that children could relate to and songs that children could dance too. Each child got his deserved due on stage


Teacher Training at Dehradoon and Allahabad | September and December, 2015

Scholastic organized Teacher Training workshops at Dehradoon and Allahabad , where participants gave encouraging  reviews saying that the workshop was interactive, useful   and most importantly fun. Both workshops together engaged about 100 teachers.


Storytelling at Delhi Schools- HT PACE Initiative (2015)

Story Ghar has partnered  with HT in their Pace initiative to do storytelling session in Delhi Schools .


Teacher Training at  S.C.E.R.T , Solan, Himachal Pradesh (27th & 28th August, 2015)

N.C.E.R.T organized a 5 days workshop at S.C.E.R.T, Solan for master teachers. Workshop aimed at promoting early reading and literacy. Story Ghar gave storytelling demonstration and took a module on the craft.

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Money Matters- Storytelling Workshop at British Council Library (22nd August, 2015)

The session aimed at teaching children about money and how to manage it for their financial future is a job many parents want to tackle. The idea was to  help children to understand the importance of money and how to use it wisely through different stories and activities.

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British Council Reading Challenge  (August & September, 2015)

British Council takes reading challenge to various schools in Delhi where they promote reading habits via language games. Story Ghar became their partner at Queen Marry School,Model Town, Delhi.

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Teacher Training at K D International School, Tarn Taran Punjab (14th & 15th March, 2015)

Story Ghar conducted a two day long intensive teacher training program on 14th and 15th March, 2015 at Tarn Taran, Punjab. At the invitation of the principal of K.D. International school, Story Ghar’s creative director, Ms. Jaishree Sethi along with facilitator Tulja Sharma traversed to the holy city of Sikhs. The objective of the training was to acquaint teachers with the pedagogical relevance of incorporating storytelling in education. Ms. Sethi enacted various stories and conducted different group and individual exercises to provide an in-depth understanding of the art of storytelling to teachers. On the final day, teachers were able to create and tell their own stories. They playacted the stories from the children books that were provided to them using puppets, masks and placards and concluded with a follow up activities. Hence, at the end of the training, teachers knew how to use stories as an educational and teaching resource and also helped them develop their storytelling skills. Story Ghar was delighted to meet and hold a training session for such dedicated teachers of K.D. International School.


Teacher Training at DIET, Rajinder Nagar, Delhi (19th Februray, 2015)

Story Ghar trained 100 In-Service teachers on how to integrate storytelling in classrooms. The day long program engaged the participants using fun filled activities and giving notes.The program culminated in group performances.

1st dec 2014 161

Teacher Training Workshop (29th November, 2014)

Lotus Valley International School, Gurgaon

To add some gusto to the monotonous and routine  process of ‘teaching-learning’, Story Ghar          conducted a lively and      interactive Teacher Training Workshop at Lotus Valley International School,          Gurgaon. The workshop   focused extensively on the importance of storytelling in classrooms, giving a brief history and demonstration of storytelling. Jaishree Sethi also threw light upon topics like how to find stories; connect values, expressions and lessons with them; make lesson plans and how to tell stories using voice, drama and stick puppets. The talk was followed by an active session wherein    teachers      participated and gave  presentations. The Workshop, thus, successfully promoted learning with understanding and presented      Innovating and meaningful methods to develop student’s higher order of  thinking skills.

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Story Ghar successfully concluded  “Role Of Storytelling in Education” – A symposium reflecting on the power of Storytelling in  the times of  technology based teaching. Gulmohar, India Habitat Centre became alive with invigorating audience involving parents and teachers when renowned   experts from  the field  of education  such as Dr Shayama Chona, Prof.Poonam Batra and Prof. Usha Sharma shared their thoughts on how to integrate storytelling/ theatre as a technique in educating and nurturing young minds in an enjoyable  way.


web 2Teacher Training (July- August, 2014)

Story Ghar successfully conducted  intensive  pre-service teacher training programs for 200 participants enrolled in D.I.E.T.  Dilshad Garden  and D.I.E.T Rajinder Nagar under S.C.E.R.T. The program focused on how to use Theatre in classroom teaching involving skills like expressions, Voice modulation, body language, communication skills, how to integrate theatre in classroom teaching etc



Inclusive Education : Theatre Workshop at Amar Jyoti School (11th April -22nd April, 2014)

The workshop   worked with differently abled children, whose courage and talent are for everyone to see. We created a play which had an inclusive/mix  ensemble of 30 participants . Children with special matched swords with non-disabled  children.


language prog pic

English Language Building Program (August and September 2013)

Stories can make language learning fun; they  ignite imagination and when children associate images to  words and  phrases, retention becomes stronger. Also stories give a perspective and make learners understand the  context  where particular phrases are used or expressions are expressed.

Storytelling is an effective method to teach English as a second language. Story Ghar Conducted a two months long Language Learning Program for children at Smart Buddy, Madhu Vihar, Delhi.

The progress of students of was tested via pre-test and post- test. Results showed progress in terms of comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. Top of it the program made learners shed inhibitions and feel confident while using English language . The fear associated with the language was eliminated using positive peer feedback technique.

The striking part was the interactivity through debate, role play, language games and fun worksheets. Children  loved the use of face masks, puppets , voice modulation and drama. They were forthcoming and participated in group activities and story presentation with excitement. Technology also made the sessions invigorating. Children enjoyed stories on LED and computer screens too.

Now Story Ghar  promises to bring extended modules in various parts of Delhi


KAHANI TIME FINAL-3Kahani Time at Stupa 18 Art Gallery, Sector 18, Noida (September, 2012)

Buzzing Books sessionStorytelling at Buzz-ing Books Library, Noida (August and October, 2012)

Katha Prayog1Katha Prayog (August 2012)

Gururhram wrkshop 11Story Workshop at Guru Gram Public School, Gurgaon (August, 2012)