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Date: August 17, 2013 Author: admin Categories: Blog

RitiPic By Riti Aggarwal , winner of  “Spin a Tale Contest”, August 2013.

Once upon a time there lived a fairy. She made cocks scary and lions friendly. She made peacocks gray and peahens colourful. She made strawberries green and pears red. She made tigers cute and dogs scary. She made crows dance in rain and peacocks and peahens sing.

She made crocodiles small and goldfish big. She made tigers pets and dogs jungle animals! She made potatoes watery and watermelons dry. She made dogs flexible and snakes good runners. She made wombats colourful and parrots brown. She made “Ba Ba Black Sheep” as “Humpty Dumpty” and also the other way round. And many more magical tricks. But only for fun. Not for any emergency.

One day she saw a dog. She also saw a cat passing by her. She made the dog a cat and the cat a dog. She went to a restaurant and the chef said, “There is only AlooParantha here”. So she changed everyone food into bubblegum ice-cream.

She saw two wolves. But she did not do any magic, because she was scared of them. She hid, but after some time, she yawned and made a loud noise.  The wolves came running towards the fairy! She had forgotten that she had wings and could fly. Suddenly she remembered, “I can fly! Yippee!” And she flew away to her home.

But at home her GodOfPowers came. He said, “You are being naughty and doing bad things. I will make you a normal person with no magic!” “Oh please I want to be a fairy!”, she said.

“Ok, but I shall give you a last chance. You must use magic only for emergency”, said GodOfPowers. “Yes, I promise”, said the fairy.

The next day, she saw a dog. The dog said, “Bow bow!” and dragged his tail. The fairy wanted to know why he was looking so sad and what he was doing. So she used her magic to see why he was sad. She said in dog language, “Bow bow! What happened?”

The dog said, “I am lost. I was walking with my mother, but she went away. And did not come back and so now I am lost, bow bow.” So the fairy asked, “Is your mother unkind?” “Yes”, said the dog. “Is your father kind?”, she asked. The dog nodded. “Then come with me! I have an idea. Let me go to your home and become a dog. I will tell your mother that I have some bones. When your mother would come out…..”.  She told the rest of the plan to the dog.

The dog was very excited. “How can you become a dog?”, he asked in a soft voice. “I am a fairy, I can do magic! But I don’t have any bones. How can I get some?”. The dog told her that he would get them for her. “Nice idea?”, he asked. “Wow! “, said the fairy.

So the fairy took the bones, became a dog and put some medicine on some bones. Then she went to the dog’s house and said “Anybody in?”The dog’s mother came out, saw the bones and said, “Please give me a juicy bone!”

The fairy gave her a medicine bone. Mama dog ate it was soon was asleep for half an hour. The baby dog was very happy. He went inside and told Papa Dog what had happened. When Mama dog woke up, she saw everyone and thought about her family. She said sorry and never became unkind again from that time onwards.

The fairy also felt happy that she had helped someone. Her GodOfPowers was very happy too since she had learnt how to use her magic for doing good things.

MORAL: Use your powers and kindness to help others, not trouble them.