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The Greedy Girl

Date: August 30, 2020 Author: jdsethi Categories: Blog

By Ayesha Gupta

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Neena with her mom and dad. She was 8 years old and very pretty with long thick black hair. She had lot of friends. She was an intelligent girl with a witty nature but she had one bad habit of over self-indulgence. She always wanted to have some more dresses to wear, some more toys to play, more chocolates, more candies so on. Even when someone gives her a present, she asks for more and more.

One winter day the whole family went for a lunch to Hannah’s uncle’s house. All the siblings were having fun outside with snow. When everybody came home after playing they sat for lunch on the dining table.

After the food, the dessert came. It was ladoos for elders and candies for the kiddos. All the kiddos got 2 candies each but Neena complained for more candies, so her aunt gave her 2 more candies but she was not happy. She asked for few more and then few more, then aunt gave her all the candies left in the bowl. Other children also wanted one more but there was not a single one left for them. Her parents were feeling really embarrassed and was giving her a disappointing look. She still ignored them. In the evening they came back home. When they came back home, she was scolded by her parents for being so greedy.

Then the other day her father was talking on phone and was counting all the money for the household budget. He asked Neena to give him some water. Her father went in the balcony while he was talking on the phone and left all the rupees on the table. When Neena came back with a glass of water, she saw that her father was not there and loads of money was left on the table.

Seeing so much of money, she started thinking, “Wow! I can buy so many chocolates, lot of new games with it. It will be such a wonderful thing”. She was being very desirous for taking the rupees, she slowly walked towards table and took some rupees out of it. She left the remaining on the table as she thought that “if I will take all the money then I will be caught by father and will be scolded”.

When her father came back he saw that there was some money missing on the table! He got really upset and wanted to find out who stole those rupees because it was all the money that he had earned from his this month. He called his wife and asked her ”that have you seen anyone taking my rupees”. She said “No, but you can ask Neena if she has seen any rupees. Then he went and asked her. She was panicked that she will be caught by him so she just replied him with fierce “No dad! Not at all!!” then her father just went out of the room and Neena took a sigh of relief.

Her father noticed that she was panicked and thought that she must have taken his rupees.  He told all this to his wife. So, he and his wife thought of a big plan.

Next morning she and her father were sitting on the sofa watching TV. Just then father’s phone rang and he picked up the phone and went in the balcony. When he came back and he told her daughter that there is an emergency at his office so he needed to go. He told her that one person would come to deliver a packet. He instructed her not to open that packet. When she opened the packet, she was surprised to see currency notes in it. She took all money and kept her old photo frame in the envelope.

Then she quickly ran and called all her friends and said to them “let us all go out and do a party.” All her friends came to her house and then they all went to a mall together to splurge the money.Then after some time everybody went back to their home. They all took a rest after a big fun. When Hannah’s father came from the office, he asked her, “Could you now please give me my packet back? She gave him the packet and ran to her room. He saw an old photo frame in it. Her father again asked Hannah, “Where did the money go?” Now Hanna was worried.

Next day the same uncle came with a police officer  and arrested  Hannah’s father Just then, when the police was taking him Hannah said ”stop ! Please do not take my father, I took all the rupees’ ‘as she said these words everybody laughed.

Hannah was stunned and asked them, why they were all laughing. Everybody smiled and said that this was just a plan to teach her a lesson. Hannah realized that we should not be greedy and always tell the truth. Then after that she always be a good girl … no need to say, they lived happily ever after