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The workshop is for teachers and educators on how to impart education via storytelling. The module aims to help teachers learn the craft of telling and  make the  classroom teaching– learning   experience Fun.

1.The orientation program

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Objective : The program is designed to give teachers an insight in to the role and power of storytelling in education.


2.The Basic  program

Duration: 5 hours, 30 minutes

Objective: This module focuses on storytelling as a key teaching strategy for achieving the objectives of education.


3.The Intensive  program

Duration:  2 days (11 hours)


To develop an appreciation of stories as educational resources, especially as sources of teaching themes and provide strategies for integrating storytelling  into teaching  to achieve the objectives of Education.



The 5 day long workshop is aimed to    train teachers on how to use drama and theatre as a pedagogy . The module   focuses on:

  • Developing language, including non-verbal and non-written language.
  • Honing drama skills and a theatrical vocabulary.
  • Use of collective action in a classroom.

Duration: 5 Days