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Storytelling Sessions 

We offer storytelling sessions on site and online. These sessions involve dramatized story narration, props, puppets, themes and fun filled activities.

Storytelling shows with Live Music Band

We present an event calendar and organize story events on the marked days such as: Independence day, Eid, Deepawali,         Children’s Day , Christmas, New year, Lohri. The shows aim at sharing the joy of stories with children through a musical and        theatrical presentation.

Program Highlights

• Integration of music.

• Role playing using costumes, props, masks and gestures.

• High on interaction & audience’s participation.

Story Utsav

A Two days long storytelling festival, which has  dramatic story presentations,        workshops , displays,  interactive sessions, singing  and music. The event intends to make people aware of this vibrant art form that not only enhances personality skills but also brings people, friends, colleagues and family closer.  The objective is :

  • to introduce people to the art form
  • to promote various artist in the field
  • to exhibit the application of  storytelling in education, parenting and    other professional areas
  • to bring children closer to Indian    traditional art forms and literature

School Annual function: Design, Direction and Execution    

Story Ghar designs and directs stage  productions /plays involving school children performed at annual fests and other celebratory events.