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Rikki and the Mystical Well

Date: August 30, 2020 Author: jdsethi Categories: Blog

By Arshia Nandwani

Once there was a girl named Rikki. She was a very kind , friendly but a moody girl. On her 16th birthday, she went to visit a museum which was known for a mystical well. According to an old legend the magic of the mystical well will be transferred to the person who touches it. She did not believe in that legend and thought it was a myth. So she went close to the well and touched it, but nothing happened. Then she told her friends, “See! nothing happened. It was just a way to keep people away from the well.” but she did not know that the magic was already transferred into her . Then Rikki and her friends headed back . As soon as Rikki reached her house , her mother asked where had she been ? So she said, “I went to the museum with my friends.” After having dinner she went to bed.

The next morning , she woke up and realized she was late for school . She ate her breakfast and started walking for school. At that moment she said “ OMG I am late for school again. I really wish I could fly ! “ All of a sudden she had wings and she was flying . She was astonished and now realized that the mystical well’s legend was not a myth . She thought that she had shape shifting powers only, but she was wrong . After school she came back in a very happy mood ; the colour of her dress changed to yellow and the people around her were somehow effected by her new magic. They were covered with a yellow lining . She did not realize any of this happened .

After a few days she went for a swim in the nearby river and said “ I wish to be a mermaid. “ In a flash of light she turned into a mermaid and was breathing underwater . She loved this shape shifting power but kept it a secret from everyone. A few weeks passed , Rikki mastered her shape shifting power and also  kept it a secret . One fine day Rikki was on the way back home from school with her friend Anaya. They were crossing the stream when Rikki heard an annoying noise and got angry. Suddenly her dress turned orange. Just then Anaya and the other rocks on the ground started floating in the air and some weird orange lining covered them. Anaya realized that Rikki’s dress had turned orange plus she was covered with an orange lining while floating in the air. Anaya noticed it was happening because Rikki was angry and told her to calm down. As soon as she calmed down Anaya and everything else fell on the ground. So, Anaya said “How can your emotions create disasters? “At that second she realized that the mystical well did not give her one power but two powers. She recognized that emotions like happiness and love have good impacts and emotions like sadness and anger have bad impacts and whenever her emotion powers were going to trigger magic her dress changed colour as if it was working like a warning  .

A few days passed; it was the day of carnival and she was extremely excited. Just then Anaya ran towards her and questioned “Have you mastered your emotion power yet?” Rikki told her that that power was not in her control yet. They went to the first stall in their sights. It was a gaming stall with prizes. The first prize was a Mac book which Rikki really wanted. She went ahead to play the game, but she lost it. She became very angry making everything in the stall floating in the air. Her dress turned orange again. Anaya tried to calm her, but Rikki was not able to control it. She went to four more stalls and everything there also started floating in the air. Soon she reached the last stall; now everything in that stall began floating too. She went back to the first stall and Anaya tried to calm her down. This time Anaya told her to think about puppies. Soon Rikki calmed down and every object in the air fell on the ground.

Rikki asked Anaya to help her control this power. Rikki learnt her lesson. She realized that she has been given power for a reason. She must use it for greater good instead giving in to her mood swings. Best would be to control her anger and use magical powers for the good of people. Since then whenever Rikki sees people in trouble, she reaches out to help.

The end ….