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Hindi Ki E-Paathshala (grade 1-5)

Duration- Academic Year

Hindi E-Paathshala is a program for kids that runs through the academic year. It focuses on the curriculum of primary classes (I-V). The methodology helps children develop fluency, reading habits and better written expression as incidental takeaways. Twice a week classes (8 classes) a month.

English Curriculum Classes (grade 1-5)

Duration- Academic Year

The fun program runs through the academic year. It focuses on the English curriculum of primary classes ( I-V) . Our methodology helps children develop fluency, reading habits and better written expression as incidental takeaways. Learners  pick up the nuances, grammatical and conversational aspects in an interactive manner and  develop greater understanding of English as a curriculum subject.

Creative Writing

Duration: 6 months

The program is aimed at imparting creative writing skills to students. The Idea is to motivate and encourage students to move towards high order thinking skills like imaginative thinking, articulation and succinct expression. It also aims to develop an understanding in students on how to apply creative writing skills to their academics.

Communicative English

Duration- 9 Months

A specially designed program to help participants speak fluent English. It works towards Improving comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening skills and spoken English. It also aims to develop reading habits. Participants develop confidence  and improve their communication skills.


Personality Development Program

Personality is what makes a person a unique       person, and it is recognizable soon after birth. Here is a      programs that works on child’s               temperament and character creating a conducive             environment around him. Benefits: Self Awareness| Self Esteem|  Confidence| Etiquette| Attitude| Public Speaking | Life Skills

Age Group:9-16 years| Duration:3 months |(Weekends)

Theatre Workshop

The program is designed to make  public  speaking fun, build self confidence and   feeling of               acceptance. The program helps   participants work on their Voice, body language, Creativity, and gain confidence on stage. The workshop culminates in to a  stage play enacted by the participants.

Age Group:9-16 years| Duration:3 months |(Weekends)

Radio Jockey workshops

Children learn to Plan, research, organize & present a radio show of their  own. The workshop helps children understand the process involved in hosting a radio show, building team spirit and work on techniques like voice modulation, role play &    dramatization etc. A fun & learning experience summed up together

Age Group: 9-18 years  |  Duration: 5 Days

Social Skills Development Program

Social skills are the ways in which we      interact with others. If we have good social skills then this can help us become confident, happy people who are easy to get along with.

Age Group: 3.5 – 6 years- Exploring child’s internal world of Family & Friends,  Feelings & Fancies through  Storytelling, Crafts &       Conversation

Benefits: Manners and Etiquette |Positive             Interaction |School Readiness| Enhanced              focus| Team work|   Emotional Intelligence I Dealing with Strangers

Duration: 3 months (Weekends)

Age Group: 6-10 years- Good social skills help children   become        confident,     happy  and  easy to get along with

Benefits: Cooperation |Friendship skills |Participation |Respect and Tolerance |    Conflict Resolution |Dealing with Strangers

Duration: 3 months (Weekends)