• Story Ghar


     By Riti Aggarwal , winner of  ”Spin a Tale Contest”, August 2013.

    Once upon a time there lived a fairy. She made cocks scary and lions friendly. She made peacocks gray and peahens colourful. She made strawberries green and pears red. She made tigers cute and dogs scary. She made crows dance in rain and peacocks and peahens sing.

    She made crocodiles small and goldfish big. She made tigers pets and dogs jungle...

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  • An open ended story

    We all cherish our childhood memories of listening to stories and folklores told to us by our mothers and granny. My brain has stored some of those gems. As a child I would spend my summer holidays at my grandmother’s house . We would call her   ‘Beji’. The best treat used to be her stories at night. All the cousins including me would put mattresses and cots on the terrace at night. Beji...

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