• Story Ghar

  • Muchilal -The Monkey, Who was Afraid to Jump

    By Ms. Nandini Maheshwari

    Muchilal said to himself, “I wish I knew how to jump”. Muchi lal was a very handsome monkey. He had a big moustache. He wore a colorful turban. He was very polite and friendly. But he had a problem. He was afraid to jump. He used to think, he would fall down if he try to jump. He was in love with Champakali, a female monkey in the tribe. She was...

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  • The Greedy Girl

    By Ayesha Gupta

    Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Neena with her mom and dad. She was 8 years old and very pretty with long thick black hair. She had lot of friends. She was an intelligent girl with a witty nature but she had one bad habit of over self-indulgence. She always wanted to have some more dresses to wear, some more toys to play, more chocolates, more candies so...

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  • Rikki and the Mystical Well

    By Arshia Nandwani

    Once there was a girl named Rikki. She was a very kind , friendly but a moody girl. On her 16th birthday, she went to visit a museum which was known for a mystical well. According to an old legend the magic of the mystical well will be transferred to the person who touches it. She did not believe in that legend and thought it was a myth. So she went...

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     By Riti Aggarwal , winner of  “Spin a Tale Contest”, August 2013.

    Once upon a time there lived a fairy. She made cocks scary and lions friendly. She made peacocks gray and peahens colourful. She made strawberries green and pears red. She made tigers cute and dogs scary. She made crows dance in rain and peacocks and peahens sing.

    She made crocodiles small and goldfish big. She made tigers pets and dogs jungle...

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  • An open ended story

    We all cherish our childhood memories of listening to stories and folklores told to us by our mothers and granny. My brain has stored some of those gems. As a child I would spend my summer holidays at my grandmother’s house . We would call her   ‘Beji’. The best treat used to be her stories at night. All the cousins including me would put mattresses and cots on the terrace at night. Beji...

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